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We help leaders to create a redesigned system where teachers, an instructional leadership team, and administrators harness the power of networks to develop collaborative intelligence where teachers create student learning resulting in the leaders for the 21st century.

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1 on 1 Coaching

As a leader, the culture you set energizes and empowers students to set goals, own their own performance  to come to school where choice and agency fuel their motivation to learn. Ready to sharpen your effectiveness as leader?

Group Coaching

We’re here to help you redesign the schools as a learning system. Teachers need to co-create the mindsets, values, beliefs and the vision for a school of belonging. The shifts should prioritize rigorous instruction, teacher leadership, collective efficacy, social emotional learning, trauma informed practices, and student agency.  We’re here to help you determine how to distribute leadership across the school so that ownership is the lever to re-energize the school community. Ready to build a stronger team?

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Leadership Program

Our Signature Program is designed to support principals and their leadership teams to provide equity through transformational deep levels of learning where students develop self-regulation, confidence, and agency in their own learning with leadership and innovative learning.


Live clinics are implemented  to practice skills and create collaborative shifts that develop new tools and self-confidence as an instructional leader.


Networking groups will be established to share learning with reflections and amplifications.


In-depth leadership tools and resources will be provided.


Retreats to transform teams of teachers to transform their teaching to a theory of how are they learning.

What Others Are Saying…

Professor Kathleen Miller is an educational visionary and Thought Leader who has redesigned our learning structures for academic leaders. This will galvanize evolutionary learning in our classrooms for our future world leaders to facilitate and interface with the urgency beset on them due to the accelerated demands of Change.

Arlene Karian

Author. Mentor. Speaker.

Kathleen, a highly respected and dedicated leader in education, shares her expertise with her greatest strengths. She is the consummate coach with a deep commitment to supporting the success of schools. Her devotion to student-centered leadership, data-driven decision-making, and supporting the child’s development drive her passion for continuing to support excellence in leaders and schools. Her relationship-centered approach models the importance of trust and integrity. After many years of experience as an educator in schools serving in many capacities, Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support excellence and foster strong leadership.  

Mary Beth Licke


Dr. Kathleen Miller is one of the most innovative, knowledgeable and caring instructional leaders that I have had the pleasure of working for in my entire educational career. She truly is the best example of an agent of change that is wholeheartedly committed to group excellence while investing most of her time to personally work closely with others to find their own unique voice and leadership. My life has truly changed from working with her.



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