About Dr. Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Facilitator for Feminine Power. Her love for coaching began in the 1980s, serving as a New Jersey Writing Trainer for the Conroe Independent School District, coaching and facilitating teacher’s masterful understanding of how reading and writing are closely connected.  She was a Presidential Awardee for Science and Math Teaching in Texas.  She holds a Master’s degree in Reading from The College of William and Mary and an Ed.D. from Loyola University, Chicago.

After moving to Illinois, she taught Master’s level literacy classes for National Louis University and Aurora University.  She had the privilege of working with Dr.  Peter Hill and Dr. Carmen Crevola to institute a research project, Balanced Early Literacy, in School District-46 most at-risk schools.  Michael Fullan’s book, Breakthrough, documents the BEL project. He provides evidence that aligned teaching practices and coaching with onsite professional development and teacher goal setting changes student learning outcomes.  This demonstrated that schools could provide equity in instruction and help most children achieve and exceed grade-level reading levels. When teachers collectively studied their teaching practices, mindset and behavioral changes created new ways of being a teacher that left a lasting impact on all stakeholders.

“We are at a tipping point after Covid-19 school closures. This is the time to redesign and re-engineer schools’ identities and provide equity, belonging, self-actualization, and deeper levels of learning for students’ futures.”

-Dr. Kathleen Miller

Dr. Kathleen Miller has been a Principal in 3 different diverse schools.  Her passion is to change the narrative around teaching a diverse student population using innovative learning practices where student engagement in rigorous learning changed students’ lives forever.  Success for all, whatever it takes the mission statement. This mission took on a new meaning when she became a facilitator for Franklin Covey’s Signature Program. Her faculty successfully created a model, “Lighthouse School for Leadership,” the second school in Illinois. Every child was mentored to find their gifts and served in a leadership role at her school. Her passion for innovative learning created a science initiative with Robotics, Gardening, and Science Nights that culminated in students teaching parents about their scientific discoveries through their projects.  The engagement of students was always electrical!

Dr. Miller currently teaches master’s level classes at Roosevelt University’s  School of Educational Leadership. She also serves the DuPage Regional Office of Education as a Principal Coach through the Education Innovation Grant and the Supporting Education Excellence Grant.  Her role is to help school leaders and their leadership team create collective efficacy through a three-strand process called “Cycles of Instructional Inquiry.”

Kathleen believes that a coach creates transformational learning that radically shifts mindsets, perspectives, beliefs, and actions to help administrators unify teachers to collaborate in a high trust community of practice where collective efficacy creates transformative learning experiences for students. She is a certified coach and facilitator for Evolving Wisdom and the ICF.

She believes that changing teaching practices to facilitating student learning develops student identity around a purpose or passion. The result builds self-confidence and self-efficacy within a culture of belonging! She wants to support every principal and teacher team to use collaborative inquiry to lead 21st-century learning that enables all students to thrive academically and socially. 



Bachelor of Arts

Elementary Education, Psychology, University of Iowa



Masters Degree

The College of William and Mary, Reading



Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Certification:

Texas Woman’s University



Doctorate Degree

Loyola University of Chicago, Curriculum and Instruction




Certified: Reading Recovery Teacher Leader


Certified: New Jersey Writing Project Trainer


Certified: Franklin Covey Signature Leadership Program


Certified 2021: ICF, and Evolving Wisdom Coach


Certified:  LEAD Coach: Cycles of Inquiry


Certified:  Reading Specialist K-12


Certified:  Principal Licensure 


Certified:  Danielson Teacher Evaluator  


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