Educators, what is your  number one goal this year?   This is a great question!  Helping teachers and students reach the highest peak of the summit is my number one goal!  Everyone matters-children and teachers!  Enable children, and teachers to use their strengths so their weaknesses are diminished. This takes teamwork with goals analyzed at regular checkpoints to improve success similar to mountain climbers!

Here are 5 key tenets I share with reference from the “Leader in Me”:

1.  Distributed leadership throughout the organization

2.  Co-create a quality culture through trusting relationships, a powerful vision, well-defined agreed upon organizational beliefs and emotional responsiveness

2.  Establish SMART goals, publicly display these goals and celebrate all success

3. Professional Learning Communities who use a guaranteed and viable curriculum

4.  PLC teams committed to reviewing formative assessments weekly, charting data, and sharing strategies that support individualized instruction to meet student  needs

5.   Administrators who support, model, guide and recognize success