Are you feeling that something is missing in your leadership toolbag?   As schools across the country open their doors during the next few weeks,  it’s time to launch with a high-energy grand opening!  Think like Google and create powerful learning teams! This is prime time-time to wake your team up and combine everyone’s strengths into a super force for learning!

Begin with a red carpet ceremony and welcome your teaching staff back to school!   Celebrate the great things that happened last year to build on the foundation to launch your year with new more powerful learning.   Celebrations that are personalized show that you honor your faculty’s home life!  Plan for curiosity and use some open-ended problem-solving activities!  Build catapults! In groups of 4, have your team build a catapult from cardboard, tape, plastic spoons and styrofoam. Parse out the team building actions that helped everyone succeed in this activity.  Connect this experience to your school’s vision and mission and beliefs.  Making experiential learning visible reminds teachers of the importance to align our teaching to become a living vision and mission and personalize our connections with every student to demonstrate an inclusive culture focused on success for all!

Competitive greatness is about the whole school finding the greatness in every student and faculty member, and being committed to creating a buoy around each one to lift them up into the universe of success!   When we combine a child’s cognitive ability with grit in a school environment that provides opportunities and choice to create, inquire, iterate, and discover, learning soars.  You just launched for success!